Let’s beat the elements together.

At Proviron, snow and ice control is an art combined with science. 
For many years, Proviron has successfully established itself in the market as a reliable and trusted manufacturer/supplier of environmental friendly, high quality runway and commercial de-icers and anti-icers. Proviron supplies acetate and formate based de-icers and anti-icers in both liquid and solid form, all of which fully comply with latest SAE AMS requirements.

On top of that Proviron teamed up with its long term partner Cryotech (USA), a world leader in de-icing technology, to manufacture aircraft de-icing and anti-icing fluids in Europe. Proviron manufactures and supplies Type I, II and IV aircraft de-/anti-icing fluids, all of which are FAA approved and fully comply with latest SAE AMS requirements.

Proviron, being one of the leading companies in the de-icing industry, is very focused on customer service and flexibility with a team of specialists ready to assist you with your inquiries.

  • Aircraft de-icers and anti-icers
  • Runway, taxiway, apron de-icers and anti-icers
  • Commercial de-icers and anti-icers
    When: wherever corrosion, concrete damage, brine or the environment are of concern.
    Where:  Roads
                   Car parkings
                   Train stations/platforms
                   Artificial sport grounds
                   Corporate campuses
                   Property management firms
                   Outdoor concrete floors
                   Warehouse loading docks/ramps
                   Outdoor installations/platforms

Product groups: “De-icing and anti-icing products

  • Aircraft de-icers and anti-icers
      Cryotech Polar Plus® LT (80) (liquid type I)     
      Cryotech Polar Guard® II (liquid type II)     
      Cryotech Polar Guard® Advance (liquid type IV)   
  •  Runway & commercial de-icers and anti-icers
      Provifrost® KA ECO (liquid potassium acetate)      
      Provifrost® KF ECO (liquid potassium formate)   
      Provifrost® NF (solid sodium formate)      
      Cryotech® E36 (liquid potassium acetate)
      Cryotech® NAAC (solid sodium acetate)
      Cryotech® CMA (solid calcium magnesium acetate)
      Cryotech® CMA40 (solid blend 40% CMA 60% rock salt)


De-icing solutions